It's been a busy week!

It's been a busy week on the campaign trail, and I am humbled by your incredible support!

 Alani handing out campaign buttons and flyers at the Washington County Democrats Central Committee Meeting.

Alani handing out campaign buttons and flyers at the Washington County Democrats Central Committee Meeting.

On Saturday I spoke about the importance of accessible and affordable education alongside some incredible school board candidates at the Young Democrats of Multnomah County’s Candidate Forum. On Monday I submitted my official voters pamphlet statement! And last night, I had the opportunity to speak to the governing body of the Washington County Democrats. I am especially appreciative of the Washington County Democrats for what happened next. Let me explain.  

As a lifelong public servant with over 22 years of federal service, I am barred by the Hatch Act from running for a partisan elected office or receiving the endorsement of political parties. Fortunately for me, the position I'm passionate about -- the PCC Board of Directors -- is a non-partisan position.

I was invited to seek endorsement by the Washington County Democrats, but since I am barred from leveraging the collective power of the Democratic Party, I had to politely decline. However, I had the opportunity to introduce myself and why I'm running at the Washington County Democrats Central Committee meeting last night.

At first, the endorsement committee recommended co-endorsing my two opponents (both fellow Democrats). Then, a former PCC student passionately spoke up from the floor, arguing that we need people with new, diverse perspectives representing PCC students like him. Other Democrats spoke out, too and argued that co-endorsing my opponents would be unfair, since I am legally prohibited from seeking endorsement.  

I'm excited to report that the Washington County Democrats voted overwhelmingly not to endorse my opponents, thus leveling the playing field for my campaign, and sending the message that we will not penalize federal servants who step up to run for office!

Thank you, WashCo Dems for your sense of fairness in this election!

My wife and daughter attended the event with me and my 8-yr-old "campaign manager" received lots of compliments on her enthusiasm in handing out buttons and flyers. What would I do without her!?

Stay tuned for more updates from the campaign trail!