Valdez is Headed Back to PCC!

I am beyond humbled and honored to have been elected as the next PCC Director representing Zone 5.

Thank you to the thousands of voters who felt I was the right person for this job, and who share my vision of an affordable, accessible college education where all are welcome, all can thrive, where staff and faculty are supported, and where PCC is at the forefront of meeting the community's needs.

PCC changed my life, and I will ensure that PCC is there for everyone who has not yet had the opportunity to walk through its doors.

I would like to express my most sincere respect to my opponents for stepping up to serve our community and for their well run, issues-oriented races. Our three-way race has not only raised the visibility of PCC but also elevated the conversation on the important role that community college plays in our lives.

Thank you to all my friends, volunteers, supporters, and everyone who contributed their time, money, art, and ideas to making this campaign as strong as it was. And thank you to the allies, mentors, endorsers, and unions who had my back. This was a people-powered effort and I couldn't have done it without all of you. 

Thank you so much to my amazing wife Marie Lo and daughter Alani who helped me every step of the way, who were so patient, who have been so supportive, and who went with me to so many campaign events and even knocking doors and visiting farmer's markets.

Thank you to my phenomenal campaign manager, Robyn Gottlieb, who helped me run a smart, strategic, well run race.

And lastly, thank you to Bernie Sanders for inspiring me to run. "Real change happens from the bottom up" and he was right – "when we stand together, there is NOTHING we cannot accomplish."

Now the work begins.

In solidarity, 


Here's my Election Night speech in case you missed it!
 here are photos from the event!


The swearing-in ceremony for the PCC Board is in July! I'll send out an email with details when I get them! You can sign-up for campaign emails on the home page. 

 Valdez, his wife Marie, daughter Alani, and campaign manager Robyn Gottlieb on Election Night

Valdez, his wife Marie, daughter Alani, and campaign manager Robyn Gottlieb on Election Night