I am committed to Portland Community College's mission to provide quality and accessible education for all. I will work hard to build an environment that is equitable, diverse, and inclusive and one that puts student retention and success front and center. I will continue to strengthen PCC's role in the economic development and vitality of the Pacific Northwest. 


I will work to keep PCC affordable and will champion efforts to reduce barriers to access.  Once students are enrolled, we need to ensure that they have the resources and support to be successful. 

Over 25% of PCC students are students of color. It is vital that we meet the needs of all under-served populations through a diverse curriculum as well as culturally specific resources to address different community needs. 

As a veteran, I know the particular challenges veterans face and will ensure their needs are at the forefront of our decision making. We owe our returning service members a welcoming, supportive learning environment where they can successfully transition back into civilian life.


It is impossible to achieve student success if we do not invest in our faculty and staff.  Fair pay, job security, and good working conditions are crucial to providing quality education.  


Portland Community College is the first sanctuary community college campus in Oregon. I will champion and protect PCC's sanctuary status so that all students can learn, without fear of being removed from their families and communities. 


PCC has forecasted a $10M budget shortfall in the 2017-2019 school years. I will leverage my MBA and experience in strategic thinking to navigate these challenges in service of PCC. 


We are facing a national health care crisis. Health care consumes 18% of our GDP and makes up 20% of Oregon's economy. Nationally and locally, there is a shortage of nurses, physicians, and other specialized healthcare occupations. PCC is uniquely positioned to prepare students for a career in health care. I worked as a biomedical equipment technician for 17 years before moving into healthcare administration. I navigate these challenges daily in my job at the Veterans Health Administration. I will bring my expertise and experience to help strengthen PCC's role in training students for success in the healthcare industry. 

I will also work to strengthen PCC's leadership in meeting Oregon's workforce needs.